Do I need to have my Suspension checked?

We’ve talked in a previous blog post about the importance of monitoring a cars’ performance to check for issues with the brakes now let’s look at another common issue we see in the garage. A cars’ suspension system (the shocks or struts) is often ignored by many people until it’s too late and expensive repairs are needed. Many people believe suspension issues aren’t as important as brake issues or engine trouble, but the suspension issues can greatly hinder your ability to control the car when turning or stopping. Below are some of the main criteria to examine for suspension issues:

A Rough Drive

As your driving along and you drive over a bump or pothole if the cars’ body bounces or shakes this is an easy tell-tale sign that there is a suspension issue.

Drifting or Pulling

When the suspension system of a car starts to go the car can begin to pull when turning. This means the shock can no longer keep the car stable when turning.

Uneven tire threads

As mentioned in a previous post the threads on a tire should be worn evenly if the suspension is working. Inspect your tires if you notice the threads being worn unevenly or “balding “ spots on the tires this mean there is uneven pressure being applied to the tires.

If you notice any of these issues call your nearest garage as these all indicate suspension problems and should be dealt with immediately. While it can be an expensive task repairing a suspension system it could save your life.