The Best Hybrid Cars of 2020

Many of us have admired the latest Tesla release and have watched in fascination as news reports consistently show the progress made in the area of electric cars. But for many people they are both financially and practically unattainable. As car manufacturers produce more and charging station become ubiquitous electric cars will become more accessible to many people. In the meantime, hybrid cars are not only impressive cars in their own right, they’re also an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to the petrol or diesel cars. In these trouble times you always want to buy the very best, so we’ve looked at the top hybrid car on the market and here are our top choices:


Toyota Corolla

Toyota were one of the first manufacturers to invest heavily in hybrid cars.  Toyota is ahead of the curve in terms of hybrid technology and the Corolla is proof of that fact. The Corolla is one of the most important assets for Toyota s the hybrid market is their most profitable markets.  It has a sleek modern look and spacious interior. The car’s performance is amazing, driving it is a pleasure. Perhaps its crowning achievement is that it’s designated as a “self-charging” hybrids which means it leaves even less of an environmental impact.


Volkswagon Golf

The Volkswagon Golf is considered by many to be the best selling make of car in the world. The fact that its eight iteration comes in a 48 volt mild hybrid 1.0 litre or 1.5 litre model show the success and proliferation of this technology. This car provides reliability and long-range efficiency.

Suzuki Ignis 1.2

The Suzuki Ignis hybrid model is a relatively new contender in the hybrid market, but it’s a worthy new entrant. It has a cheery and striking exterior a spacious interior. The hybrid engine is one of the simplest and lightest on the market, it’s a 12 volt system incorporating a belt-driven starter motor instead of regular starter motor and a secondary battery.  This engine has improved the Ignis’s drivability and yet despite all these achievements it’s still one of the most affordable cars on this list.

Kia Nira

This car merges a 1.6 litre petrol engine with 43bhp electric motor and incorporates a front wheel drive with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. This car offers great convenience, although its driveability  and handling aren’t as high quality as the other entries in this list, however it’s still a worthy contender.

Subaru XV eBoxer

Subaru’s new ‘eBoxer’ system is a lightweight and compact engine that has been adapted to its existing boxer-engined cars. It has allowed these cars to maintain the off-road capability, towing and carrying capacity that drivers have come to expect from Subaru. This car is the best entrant for anyone looking for a hybrid with off-road capabilities.


We hope you found this list helpful. Remember to take your time  when buying any car and do your research. If you’re still unsure ask your local garage for advice. As always guys, drive safe.