Car Maintenance


As much as we love seeing people come through our door, we couldn’t help but notice that some of the issues were easily fixable and simple pieces of maintenance. Now we know everyone is busy with their lives and mot people aren’t gearheads but to help you out we’ve composed a list of basic maintenance that ever driver should keep an eye on in order to keep your car running smoothly and most importantly, safely.


Oil/Oil Filter

Filters are items that normally wear and require regular checks and replacements. Depending on the make of the car this should be changed every 3 -6 months.

Air Filter

Again, this part needs regular replacing and should be changed annually. You should also change the air filter if you notice heating or cooling efficiency is reduced.


In previous posts we’ve mentioned the importance of monitoring your tire threads if you notice substantial wear below the legal thread limit need to get them replaced urgently.


This will vary from car to car, but you should change the coolant on a regular basis specified by the user’s manual.


This should be done at least once a year. Different manuals will recommend different replacement intervals for different parts It’ll depend on the make of car.


Wheel Alignment

Check the cars alignment at least annually or at the first sign of a problem. The wheels should be realigned for ever tire replacement.


We hope you find these tips helpful, remember never take chances with your cars upkeep. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or drop on by the garage. Safe driving.