How Electric Cars are Changing the World

We can’t ignore the amazing impact electric cars like Tesla have already had on the world. They’ve astounded people and inspired a new generation to the possibility of electric cars and their plausibility as means of transport for everyone. Now car manufacturers everywhere are developing their own models of electric cars. This trend towards electric cars will only continue and lead to further technological development. But with this shift towards electrical cars a huge societal change will accompany these cars. Cars and other automobiles have changed the landscape and architecture of our cities and our environment, in many cases doing terrible damage, now it is possible to reduce that damage. Electric cars stand to change the world in a number of ways:

New Jobs and Upskilling

Electric cars will require a completely different set of skills than those possessed by todays mechanics. Mechanics and engineers will need to upskill and retrain quickly to be a head of the curve. Electric cars will require thorough knowledge of electronics and coding as well as new technologies such as machine learning and 3D printing all of which are currently being applied to the latest electric vehicles. We see this shift in agricultural machinery already, tractors have become more complex and have thousands of lines of code in them.

Greener Technology

The great hope is that with the advent of electric cars governments will invest more in green energy to alleviate pressure on energy. We see this in recent suggestion throughout Europe especially in Norway where investment was placed in Hydroelectric energy.

New City Designs

Electric cars along with AI technology have given urban designers the chance to completely rethink how we travel through our cities. Concepts such as the underground Hyperloop in Los Angeles are inspiring other designers to invent new urban designs for automobiles that use less land, are safe and give more access to pedestrians.

With all that is going on in the world it is always good to highlight some success stories to remind us the future isn’t all doom and gloom. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Electric cars were once thought to belong in the realm of science fiction and yet now we see them driving up our motorways. We still haven’t witnessed there full impact on the world, the best is yet to come.