The Iconic Jaguar


Now guys it’s time to talk about another of our favourite models the iconic Jaguar brand. For years Jaguar has been one of the most popular luxury brands of cars and it’s easy to see why these stylish pieces of craftsmanship have remained so popular. Since the 1930 ‘s Jaguar has pushed the box in terms of design and features. There sleek designs high-performance engines and smooth driving mechanics offer a worthy alternative to German models. Now let’s look at one of Jaguars latest offerings the Jaguar F-Type 2020 convertible.


This is the biggest update of this model in over seven years. Much of the exterior has remained untouched however underneath the hood the old V6 engine has been replaced with a supercharged V8. It uses an eight-speed automatic transmission. The updates extend to the media system and a new fully digital instrument display that cycles between single and double dials or a big windscreen map.


All these updates lead to a much smoother drive than in previous iterations and that new V8 engine means this care takes off like a rocket ship. Along with incredible steering this car is the pinnacle of luxury. Prices can start from €70,000 for the cars in the F-Type series but for quality like this it’s worth every penny.