Mercedes-Benz E Class

The fifth generation of Mercedes cars had high expectations on its releases. Designers and executives at Mercedes felt the pressure to meet these expectations and raise the bar for the new class of cars. The E-class is a bold statement, it’s bigger and roomier than previous models but uses high-strength steel and aluminum to reduce weight. The car weighs 100kg less than previous models.

The drive is soothing and fluid body control. The diesel engine is surprisingly quiet when at motorway speeds. The cars Drive Pilot feature is nothing short of incredible, it combines adaptive cruise control and active steering to produce an authentic self-driving experience. Mercedes is gunning for the position of leader of the autonomous vehicle market.

The interior has been revamped, with a twin tablet display which offers a panorama of in car connectivity. The steering wheel features a pair of thumb-sized pads a new alternative to the central rotary controller.  Mercedes has raised the quality of the graphics and overall quality of the interface. Everything else that matters spaciousness, ergonomics and user friendliness have all been improved. Mercedes have struck that difficult balance.

Like everything with Mercedes this car is on the expensive side. But with all this improvement and development can you blame it. In our humble opinion we think it’s worth every penny. This car is a work of art.