Peugeot 205

In previous posts we’ve talked about buying classic cars and things to keep an eye on but now we want to try something fun and talk about some of our favourite classic cars. We can’t start off a discussion on our favourite classic car without mentioning the Peugot 205, this car is a true masterpiece, it’s practical, versatile and amazing value. It’s one of the most popular classic cars we see in the garage. It has become a staple for classic car enthusiasts over the years and it’s easy to see why.

 This little marvel first hit the roads in 1984 and was credited with turning around the fortunes of its manufacturer. The car was an instant hit and helped to redefine small engine motoring. Originally it was powered by a 1.6 litre engine with fuel injection, an advanced suspension and discs/drum breaking system held it together. In 1986 major changes transformed the Peugot with a faster 130bhp GTi hatch was introduced with a more powerful 1.9 litre engine and disc brakes.

An improved dash was fitted in the late 80s while the 1.6 litre engine model was discontinued in 1991. The car eventually went out of production in 1994.

Most enthusiasts agree that while the 1.9 litre model is faster and more powerful the 1.6 litre model is the more satisfying drive. On the right roads it’s fast and easy to handle. With a compliant drive, comfortable seats and a spacious hatch the 205 is a masterpiece of a car.

Prices can be hard to access for these cars as there are so many tuned and customised models on sale. Some modifications don’t use original parts, and this can decrease the value, original standard models will always command the most money. When buying a model look out for rust and bent parts of the car, look at the over-spray under arches and body moulding in the engine bay. Don’t forget to check the transmission when buying.

We hope you agree that this truly is a classic car and a joy to drive.