So you want to buy a Classic Car

So, you’ve decided to buy a classic car, many people have had this thought in their life. Maybe it’s to buy the car you’ve always dreamed of or for the challenge of restoring a car to mint condition. Before you make that big leap there are a few things you should consider.

Choose the Right Car for you

This first step may seem obvious but often first-time classic car buyers purchase a car that requires more maintenance and repair than they expected.  Classic cars often require a great deal of attention, you can spend more time repairing a car then driving it. It’s always recommended for first time classic car buyers that they buy a car which requires little work as buying a vehicle for restoration requires a great deal of expertise.


Where to Buy the Car

For buying a Classic car there are several options that each have their own pros and cons. You could for example try an auction, they provide a great place to find some of the most desirable cars. Depending on the number of people bidding you could walk away with a great deal. However, options for inspection are limited and the seller premiums can add to the price. You could always buy from a reputable dealer; they should have no problem letting you conduct an in-depth inspection if the car. Bear in mind the price of the dealer’s commission. Private party purchases are also an option if you are willing to put in the time for research. It is possible to get a much better price here without the fees of a dealer or auction house


Mechanical Repairs and Limits

You should consider whether you have the knowledge to maintain and repair the car yourself. If it is an older model the maintenance cost can be significantly high especially if it is a rare model. It’s always recommended that you seek advice from your nearest mechanic or repair shop that specializes in classic car maintenance. Local Car Clubs are also a great source of advice.


Insuring your Car

How could we forget? The good news is that insurance premiums for classic cars tend to lower than you would expect. It is recommended that you find an insurance company that specializes in old vehicles.


Well with all these tips out of the way you can finally start your car hunt. Put in the effort into researching your vehicle and have fun.