The Legendary Ford Cortina Mark III

 Now it’s time for us to go through one of our favourite classic cars that we have given the honour of legendary status. We had many heated debates over this going through or favourite cars grudgingly conceding to a superior car or else wholeheartedly promoting our individual favourites. This argument went on for days then weeks but in the end one model that stood out was the Ford Cortina Mark III(M3) an iconic car that has grown in popularity among classic car enthusiasts everywhere. The M3 was first build I 1970 and was in production until 1976.

The M3 was a big risk for Ford as it was a big change from previous models, while it retained a 1.3 litre engine in certain models new 1.6 and 2 litre engines were powered by the new cam Pinto engine. The Pinto engine was a huge improvement over the engines of the M1 and M2. The suspension system was completely changed for greater comfort and a smoother drive. By 1973 the M3 was one of the best-selling cars in the UK a title it wouldn’t lose until 1982. In 1973 on the back of record sales the car received a facelift and updated it’s exterior for new customers.

This car is a regular on the classic car circuit and deserves to be it’s a pleasure to drive. It is a perfect car for a first-time classic car buyer as it’s still a common model in shows and auctions and original parts are still easily available online. We hope you agree with our choice and get the chance to bring one into the garage soon.