Tips For Buying A Used Car

The choice between a new car and a used car is an important one for any driver. While the appeal of a new car may be hard to resist for many a used car is a more viable option especially if your aim is avoiding a hefty price tag. It’s a popular and necessary choice for most drivers in Ireland. But we’ve all heard horror stories of people getting a great deal on a used car only to spend a small fortune trying to fix a “minor” issue. We hope to help you in your search with these simple tips:

Why are you selling?

This should be the first question you ask. If the car is fine why are they selling it? They could be moving or upgrading but this is a good way to put the seller on the spot and see if they’re being honest.

Vehicle History

Try to find out as much about the car as possible. Has it been in an accident and is their any issues with that model of car? Check the mileage on the car the higher the mileage the higher the chance of wear and tear.

Physical Inspection

Look over the car, check for any scratches on the paint or rust, inspect the windows for any chips and the upholstery for any tears. Then tyres the tyre tread should be worn and all four should match, extra wear on some tyres or an uneven tread often means poor alignment.

Check the engine as well, try and bring it to a local mechanic who can check for any underlying issues if you have any suspicions of problems.

Test Drive

If possible, ask for a test drive of the car.  This is the most important part of the process this is where you can make your final decision. As you drive pay attention to the acceleration, the breaks, the steering and of course check the radio works.

Now with all this in mind the only thing left is to go out and find the perfect car for you. Remember to do your research on models especially if you’re buying from a private party. Best of luck in your bargain hunt. Safe driving!